The pinnacle of delicious wagyu. Omi beef.

Omi beef has an extremely long and rich history dating back over 400 years to the Edo period of Japan, where it was sold and presented to the Tokugawa Shogunate as a sustaining medicine because of the many medicinal properties it was said to possess. Extremely prized and valued, historical records indicate that a Feudal Lord even rewarded Samurai warlords who distinguished themselves in battle with Omi beef.

Not available to the general market, we obtain our Omi Beef through wholesalers in Shiga which we order and have delivered directly to the restaurant. Compared amongst other wagyu, Omi beef has the perfect balance of leanness and marbling producing the light delectable taste which many find irresistibly delicious. It is also very healthy too, said to possess a number of health benefits, as it contains lots of vitamin B, protein and mono-unsaturated fat. We welcome you to savor each bite at Omi Beef Dining Iyasaka.

Reserve Halal Certified Omi Beef

Omi Beef Iyasaka Dining obtains and can prepare Halal Certified beef so that all guests can enjoy Omi beef, such as Muslims requiring Halal Certified beef. Omi Beef Iyasaka is very experienced and currently exports Omi Beef to various countries and regions of the world where many Muslims enjoy our Halal Certified Beef. If you desire Halal Certified Omi beef, please write it in the comment box on the reservation request form.

Our Popular Omi Beef Hamburger

Enjoy the taste and umami of our 100% Omi beef patty paired with our special ordered light and crispy buns, a highly recommended burger we are confident you will enjoy. Please give it a try and compare it to other Wagyu burgers. A taste you’ve never had before, we are sure you will enjoy it.
※We are sorry but reservations are required due to popular demand. Reservations available online and please pick up at the restaurant.